Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there multiple haunted houses or just one?
A: In the past we had 8 different haunted houses that had 8 different lines. You would spend most of your time waiting in line and not enjoying yourself in the midway. Today we have joined all the haunts together and made one line so you only wait once to go in. The result is our line area in front of the stage is empty most of the time and the midway is full of everyone who as already be in the haunt. The Haunted House is now very long with different themes and takes about 20 minutes to walk through. The Haunt starts on one side of the property and ends on the other side in the midway. There have been people telling lies on review sites about how long our attractions are. Please go to google earth and zoom in on our property to see how big the attractions are compared to other haunts around town.
Q: Is there a midway with carnival game that you can win stuffed prizes.
A: Yes, we have a midway with prizes. There are small, medium, large and jumbo prizes. We only give away small, medium and large for winners. The jumbo prizes are for display only.
Q: Is Paintball at H Town Paintball included with the ticket price to Houston Scream Fest?
A: Yes, admission to H Town Paintball is included. That includes a mask a chest protector, your gun and air for your gun. It does not include paintballs you must purchase those.
Q: Are there Adult beverages for free?
A: Yes, we give away Ultra and Bud Light beer.
Q: Do you charge for parking?
A: No, we do not.
Q: Is there live music?
A: Yes, on most nights we have live music but sometimes the band cancels on us at the last minute and we do not have time to book another act. That's why it says on the bottom of our homepage that everything offered on this site is subject to change without notice because stuff happens.
Q: Are there strobe lights and fog in use?
A: Yes, everywhere.
Q: Do you offer group rates?
A: Yes we do, contact us so we can workout a deal for you.
Q: How long will the wait to get in be?
A: That depends on the night you come. We have designed our attractions so we can send groups in faster than any other haunted house in Houston.
Q: Is there anything to do while we wait in line to go in?
A: Yes, we are more than just a haunted house. We have music and scary movies playing on big screens with characters wandering around the Haunted House for photo opportunities. Plus Unlimited entrance to all Haunted Houses, Zombie Paintball Shoot, Live Stage Shows, Concerts, Unlimited entrance to Horror Movies, Midway Games, Vendor Booths, and Access to Adult Beverages (21 and up only).
Q: Is it too scary for my kid under 48 inches tall?
A: No, when our actors see a child in your group they tone down the action to a more appropriate level for the kids.
Q: Is there mud like all the other haunted houses in houston?
A: No, there is no mud at our haunted houses even in the rain.
We have asphalted our entire Haunted House inside the gates. Ok, maybe just a little in the parking lot.
Q: Are there rainouts?
A: No, we will be open rain or shine.
Q: Do the actors touch you?
A: No, but sometimes accidents happen.

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"The Sanitarium was a little more extreme than we expected, which led to us ducking out the back door and failing to complete the tour. As we exited the exhibit we didn’t feel like complete chickens – there were plenty of others flying out the exit. The Sanitarium literally gave us a run for our money. You must be really insane to attend this house alone! " - Houston Chronicle

"Best haunted house in Houston! My girl and I went this past weekend along with some friends, and we all had a blast. We bought speed passes to all 3 houses, and went through all of them a couple of times, and never had to wait in line! We all got scared every time we went in, that was awesome! We liked how we got to have a couple of beers and margaritas in between houses, which was nice. We all liked how all the staff even from the concession stand, and ticket office dressed up. I liked the fact that they were open very late, we hung out until closing time. We will definitely be going back next year, Can't wait!! None of the other haunted houses can compare to these here!"

"Simply the BEST Haunted houses in Texas!! My husband and I went Saturday night, it was GREAT! It was way better than what we expected! We loved the fact that they have 3 separate attractions! The lines were kind of long, but the wait wasn't bad at all, the wait was very well worth it! We also liked the refreshments sold there; we had our beers while waiting in line, which was AWESOME! The Castle of Doom was my favorite; I liked all the special effects, and the Vortex. The Sanitarium was CRAZY, with crazy people covered in blood. The Chainsaw Maze, was also great! The actors were really into their character, they scared the crap out of me in every single attraction! Even while we were buying our tickets! LOL. The Haunted Woods was really scary, I thought I would never make it out alive. The environment there is just great. I strongly recommend this Haunted House to everyone! If you want to get scared this is the place to go! If I could give it more stars I sure would! We will be going back next year!"

"We Loved it! Me and my friends drove from Channelview when we heard the hype about this place, our friends bragged for weeks then I decided to join them this Halloween to go see it for myself, the last few haunted houses I’ve been to were too plain and extremely muddy but as soon as we entered them gates there was gravel ((GREAT TOUCH)). Meaning our little raggedy car didn’t get stuck, which was a great relief. The lines were kina long due to it being Halloween. But the actors made it worthwhile as they weaved through us unexpectedly and scared people. We each bought the 2 attractions and decided not to go to the maze. We LOVED the air cannons in the castle freaking made us jump out of our skin.... and WOW the sanitarium had great lighting and a great sound system. The actors really got into it and when we saw the dentist guy we were terrified. Houston Haunted Houses.... Y’all got my vote for coolest haunted house I’ve ever been to"

"So far, the best in Texas I've been too. I drove out to Houston from San Antonio this past weekend with some friends, to meet up with a friend I know here from school. He told me about this place, and raved about how great it was (I've been through a lot of what he says is "great" and found it awful...). When we got there I was surprised that there parking spots weren’t muddy, and I really liked the actors walking around the people. I was expecting the ticket price to be really steep like some other places I've been where, BUT only 20 bucks for all 3 haunted houses was cool! The Castle of Doom wasn't what I was expecting. It wasn't a castle setting like Dracula, but it was still really good. I didn't jump a lot, but my friend ran into a glass wall in this one area, and that was even better for me. The Sanitarium was good, it didn't have the electronic stuff like the horn, or the bathroom that shot water at us, but the actors were good. My only problem was the entire thing was white wall with red hand prints, which isn't bad...but it could have had more decoration or like actual room design. And last we went to the chainsaw one. I think it's called the Texas Chainsaw Maze. It was cool, but the carpeting made me trip and stumble a few steps once. The actors really seemed to like what they were doing, yelling at us to sing, and chasing my friend out of the maze at the end with a chainsaw and stopping just at the cars. This place is really cool, doesn't go and buy a lot of robots and animations that aren't really scary, and had some really good actors, and the way the haunted houses were set up made it feel like we were walking forever and in circles. The staff was really nice, and I liked seeing the ticket seller girls, and the snack place people dressing up too. If I can save the money for next year, I'll be back again and hopefully more times after that."

"True description these guys were awesome. They say they have 3 haunted houses in one place and they are true. My girl was apprehensive about the chainsaw maze, but it was so much fun and free to boot. We had so much fun we went to the other houses they had at that property, the castle was my favorite and my girl love the Sanitarium. They have a haunted trail too. We were short on time Friday, so we went there on Saturday. My girl fell and they helped us out and fixed her up so we could continue through to the end. My only wish is that I could give more than 5 stars. The folks that work there went out of their way to make sure we had a good time. I will make Houston haunted houses a regular stop for us in the coming Octobers. Thanks Houston haunted houses, you guys rock!" "It was great for me and great for my date! Let me say that I take women to haunted houses so they land in my arms and the Houston Haunted Houses did just that, and we had an awesome time. Fun, fun, fun as I got scared and scared with my girl. We went thru all 3 houses they had - and one was free (SWEET) and I like the free. So, my date got scared and jumped into my arms, and I got scared too but it rocked and I loved the low, low, low $$$ and they scared the crap out of me for cheap. Cheap, fun, and totally awesome! We will be going back for sure next year. Thanks, Houston Haunted Houses!!!!"

"My husband and I LOVED this place Last Night! Five stars is just the beginning. The other dudes just did not compare to this one - was awesome. I had fun at all their houses - the Sanitarium, the Castle of Doom, and the Texas Chainsaw Maze. I know they own the Haunted Woods but I did not make it out there last night. To sum it up, I had a blast with my husband, and we both got scared senseless. As to the prices compared to the other dudes, the ones here were certainly the cheapest in Houston, so I was kinda concerned, but I was blown away by how awesome everything was. I came to get scared, and at $20 for two haunted houses and a free one on top of it, yeah, I got scared. And my husband did also - we love Halloween season and even though he acts like a tough guy, I stayed a lot more with it than him. I think he tee-teed on himself, but he's a guy, go easy on him."

"Last Year, Wet Pants...THIS Year, Mild Heart Attack... Last year was the first time I had visited a Haunted House in YEARSSSSSSSS. However, I was somehow convinced to go to The Haunted Woods...Let's just say, I left with WET PANTS...I am well into my 40's and had not pissed on myself in over 40 years. SO, I guess I am supposed to say THANKS! I say thank you for scarring the piss out of me instead of the other...LOL! Well, it's clear I have a hard head, because against my better judgment I went for another dose, I figured ok, I went last year I know what to expect this time... WRONG, this time I just about had a freaking HEART ATTACK; other friends were running for their life & left poor me to fiend for myself. But it's all good! I live to write this review. Keep up the good work and I'll be back next year for ROUND 3 so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!"

"From Now on, Houston Haunted Houses is my only choice, Houston rocked - I won some tickets from and had the time of my life. You know, I had not been to but two others in town, so I kinda thought I knew what to expect, but Houston Haunted Houses blew me away. I totally loved it, had a great time, and I dig the fact they sell margaritas, beer, and snacks there. The other places that I went to kind of did not have a lot of the amenities (sp?) that these guys did, and I will rank what I loved in order: Texas Chainsaw Maze, then The Castle of Doom, and then The Sanitarium. I found out later the Maze was free, which shocked me because that place was the one that scared the life out of me and my boyfriend. I then drove over to the Haunted Woods and it was only about ten minutes away and I truly enjoyed the outdoorsy-ness of the woods. It was a real woods, probably the last woods in Houston, but there they were at 288 & South Belt and it was fun, fun, fun - it was just creepy enough to scare me, but I got to say, the whole urban woods effect just really amps up the whole thing. I dug it. Compared to the Phobia or Screamworld is no comparison - these local dudes do this well, and they rocked it. The only Haunted House on my list next year is Houston Haunted Houses."

"Holy Cow!!!! Last night I went with my fiancé to the 3 Haunted Houses in one spot. Right off the bat, I have to say, I LOVE the Speed Pass. I don't mind paying a few extra bucks to not have to wait in line. My fiancé hates to wait, and with this option we were at the front of the line - and I didn't have to hear it from him! Now, I have to say, I've worked my fair share of Haunted Houses back in the day in high school and college, so I went in with the frame of mind of you can't scare me. Holy cow, I was wrong! The Sanitarium and Castle of Doom - WOW! As we were walking along my fiancé got mad at me that I was "going too fast" and that there was no way we would get scared. As soon as he said that, right around the corner and BAM, we were scared – I'm not going to give it away! They had this guy walking around with devil horns and a chain saw – he scared us! But after we weren't being chased and watching everyone else's reactions, funny! I would definitely suggest driving out to see these! --- OH and the best part, the 3rd "Haunt" was free! The Maze! My fiancé and I got separated, and let's just say he has a much higher sense of direction then I do, he was waiting for me on the outside, it took me 20 minutes just to find my way out. Today, my throat is sore and horse from all of my screams last night. We will definitely be going back next year!"

"Shaking to the NEXT day! Really enjoyed myself at the Haunted Woods last night, I enjoyed a couple of Margaritas and snacks while waiting. They scared the h$%^ out of me, I really enjoyed myself and went home frighten. The speed pass was great, no wait in lines and I went about 10 times in the Haunted Woods and every time was scary. The actors all had great make up; even the people selling the tickets scared me. The horns on an actor looked so real that I was scared till this morning. If you go out there tonight, make sure you go to the potty before you go in!"

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